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About Us

Honest, Flavorful Food
A Few Words About Our Restaurant and Myself
My Background - My name is Roger Muller, and I was born and raised in Chicago before relocating to Florida to pursue my ambition of owning a restaurant. I have a culinary arts degree and over 25 years of expertise. Come see us at Roger's Chicago Beef in New Port Richey, now ''Second City Eats.'' Renamed and rebranded to pay honor to Rogers Mother who passed in 2021.

How I Got Started - I adore eating! I grew up helping my mother cook and learned everything from her (which is why my restaurant is dedicated to her.). I was born and bred on Chicago's West Side.

My Taste - Coming from Chicago, where pizza, Chicago hot dogs, and Italian beef are famous! These are three of my personal favorites... In Florida, this type of delectable cuisine is hard to come by. I understand that not everyone appreciates or understands the Chicago style or taste. Maybe they just haven't figured it out yet! Hopefully, I'll be able to show them how wonderful it is.…

Thank you,
Second City Eats