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True Blue Title

True Blue Title



About Us

A Service First Mentality:

True Blue Title was created with the goal of innovating the title industry and moving it into the 21st century. Today, people do business differently than they did even 5 years ago. True Blue serves the contemporary needs of real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers while still offering a high level of personal support.

You will not be a number or someone who we know only through our inboxes. Although we use all that modern technology and innovation has to offer, you will know our team members directly. You will hear our voices and see our faces as we do the job we truly love—helping people get to their “Welcome Home!”

Our innovative management, grounded in years of professional corporate leadership experience, built this company to share expertise with our clients for their success. To this effort, True Blue has three pillars that guide all of our services: IMPACTFUL, SECURE, and always ON TIME. Through these guiding principles, we look to build loyal, reciprocal, and profitable partnerships that elevate the whole industry.


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