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Recovery Epicenter Foundation



About Us

Recovery Epicenter Foundation’s Mission is to eliminate roadblocks to sustainable recovery by providing peer to peer recovery support services to recovering persons, their families, and our community. As a resource hub, we will provide training to eliminate the stigma of addiction, as well as equip our community with the tools they need to save lives. All our services are free of charge.

Greater than 5% Campaign:
Only about 5% of those with a substance use disorder survive it. Together, we can change those statistics and reduce the number of deaths by overdose in the region we serve.
Recovery Epicenter Foundation reaches out within our communities to provide resources and tools to persons with Substance Use Disorder, as well as to their families. Anyone struggling to with abstinence from mind altering drugs will be offered connection and inclusion within our RCO regardless of their use status. Through regular check-ins, our work with affected persons, and Narcan Distribution, our >5% Campaign will reduce the number of opioid overdose deaths.

Recovery Starter Kit Outreach Campaign: This program will equip those with substance use disorder with the necessities for survival. Through the generosity of our community, we provide food, hygiene products, clothes, and linens to our members who cannot afford them. Everyone deserves a second chance.