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Clean Air Duct Cleaning

Clean Air Duct Cleaning



About Us

We are licensed to work with HVAC systems in FL. A combination of our skilled technicians, proven process, as well as the most advanced duct cleaning equipment allows us to be the go to choice for duct and vent cleaning in Pasco Florida.

There are no upsells or aggressive sales tactics with our system, we charge a flat rate for residential air ducts as we are familiar with the system layout in our service areas. If you call to find out more information or schedule we will ask you how many vents you have in your home and provide a price for HVAC duct cleaning sanitation or without sanitation. Once scheduled you will receive a notification via email of your appointment date and time frame, our technicians will also call when they are on the way to your appointment.

When we arrive for your scheduled appointment, we will first go through and get an accurate count on how many vents you have to confirm the price you were given is correct and receive your approval to continue with the duct cleaning. Once approved, we will then begin to set up the HEPA filtered negative air machine and begin taping the vents throughout the home. We go through each vent with pneumatic air whips and directional air tools to safely remove the dust and debris from the walls of the ductwork while the machine collects the dust & debris contained by HEPA filters ensuring the contaminants are secured.

Dryer vent cleaning is an important part of regular home maintenance and in Florida most dryer vents vent from the roof. When a vent is clogged it should be cleaned from the roof to the dryer vent adapter.


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